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Pinedale Online > News > August 2006 > Impacts of drilling on Sublette County

Rigs per Month. Photo by Sublette Socio-Economic.
Rigs per Month
"Average Rigs Working per Month' is just one of the many charts from the website.
Impacts of drilling on Sublette County
Employment, Population, Crime, Traffic, more
August 28, 2006

If you are looking for information about the impacts of oil and gas drilling on Pinedale and Sublette County, we want to make you aware of a great website that has a tremendous amount of information and data that might be useful to you.

The biggest impacts of the drilling on the residents of our county arguably fall in the category called “socio-economic”. The large influx of people has created a tremendous challenge for those who are responsible for planning, maintaining infrastructure and delivering the social services for the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Visit the website: to find a wealth of information, data and statistics related to the impacts of the boom on the county. More valuable, there are also reports and documents that do in-depth analyses on these impacts, which is extremely valuable to planners and decision makers.

New to the site are "Historical Documents," a collection of documents that analyze previous energy-related boomtown environments and attempts by various Wyoming towns to mitigate them. Read how Rock Springs, Gillette, Evanston, Wheatland and Jeffrey City coped with their booms.

The website was created by the Socioeconomic Analyst Advisory Committee, formed as a result of the County Commissioners, Towns, the State and many local individuals who recognized the need for hiring a specialist to collect and analyze data about the impacts of the gas-field development on our local communities.

This website is a tremendous resource for anyone trying to gather county demographic information and to understand the impacts the "boom" is having on us. (We commend the PAWG Socio-Economic Task Group, the Sublette County Commissioners, the Towns, and the SAAC for their parts in hiring Jeffrey Jacquet as a socio-economic analyst. Jacquet and the SAAC have done a remarkable job in building gathering data and putting all this information online for the public to access.)

This website is constantly maintained and new reports and data added. We suggest checking back with it regularly to see the new information they have added.

Below are some of the kinds of information you’ll find on the Sublette-SE website:

- The number of drill rigs in the Jonah Field.
- Sublette County Wage Study
- A ‘Pace of Development’ calculator
- Historical Boom Town documents
- Sublette County Unemployment Rate graphs
- History of drilling in Sublette County
- Sublette County Housing Analysis
- Housing Affordability Calculator
- Sublette County Arrests & Crime Index
- Projected Impacts of Population and School-Age Children
- Sublette County Wage Study
- Charts of average daily traffic in Sublette County
- Traffic trends
- Vehicle type comparisons
- Sonoran Institute report on Sublette County growth

Pinedale Online > News > August 2006 > Impacts of drilling on Sublette County

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