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Pinedale Online > News > April 2013 > Ask Flora - What Worked & What Didn't In My Garden
Ask Flora - What Worked & What Didn't In My Garden
Sage & Snow Garden Club Newsletter - April 2013
April 15, 2013

Oh my, I just can't keep from experimenting in my garden. Every year there are new plants, new tools, new ways to make beds, new watering systems, plus all those new solar lights!! Anyway, I have started to keep a journal with pictures of the results & it is fun this time of year to remember my adventures. My neighbors do the same thing, so below you will find some of our recent tips that have worked well & not so well. By the way, did you enjoy spring in Sublette County a few weeks ago?!

Dear Flora: I've just moved to town & need to find out how to garden in Sublette County. What is the best way to do that? - Signed, Gnu Gardiner
Dear GG: One way is to attend a Sage & Snow Garden Club meeting. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month, so that would be May 21. The educational topics will be Bonsai & Herb Gardening. We gather at the Sublette County Weed & Pest Office at 12 South Bench Road, Pinedale. Social time is at 4:30 P.M., followed by a short business session at 5:00 P.M. To find out more about the Garden Club & read all Ask Flora articles, visit our website at You can also call Club officers Jeanne (307-367-4212) or Doris (307-367-6512) to talk about specific projects you can get involved with, such as planting flower barrels in Pinedale in June.

Dear Flora: I love lettuce & planted a whole packet of seeds in a row in the garden. It sprouted beautifully & was all different colors & varieties, but the slugs absolutely took over! What did I do wrong? - Signed, Roman Izeberg
Dear Roman: It sounds as if you might not have thinned the plants enough to ensure air circulation around the lettuce. This would have kept the soil shaded & moist, which is perfect for the slimy creatures. I know it is hard to thin seedlings, but the seed package usually tells you how far apart plants should be at maturity. If you really don't want to thin, another way to ensure air circulation around plants is to cut the whole lettuce plant off at the ground when you harvest. By the way, lettuce seedlings transplant very well, so don't feel bad about pulling the little guys up.

Dear Flora: My plastic pots seem to be reproducing! I want to start my own seeds & have heard about using soil blocks. What are they & do they work? - Signed, Mari Juana
Dear Mari: Potting blocks, also known as soil blocks, are compressed cubes of potting soil that hold their shape without any container. They are made from molds. The block maker metal form is packed into a tub of pre-moistened potting soil & ejected into firm blocks with a pre-drilled seed or transplant hole in the top. Johnny's Seed & Peaceful Valley are companies that carry the molds. If you want to see them put into action, contact Maggie Palmer at Painted Sage Farm here in Sublette County.

Dear Flora: Last year I bought the cheapest seeds I could find & didn't have very good luck with them. Where do you recommend getting seeds? - Signed, Enid A. Seed
Dear Enid: It is important to get seeds for the right altitude. There are several good sources, some of which are listed on the Sage & Snow Garden Club's web site at

Dear Flora: My greenhouse gets really hot, so what can I grow besides tomatoes?
Signed, Sizzlin' Sam
Dear Sam: Sounds like you will have corn, peppers, green beans, eggplant, plus all sorts of tomatoes, for the Farmer's Market this year!

Dear Flora: How can I water my house plants without making a mess? Signed, Luke Walther
Dear Luke: There are various kinds of "hose" that either rollup or stay flat until you turn the spigot on that should solve your problem.

Dear Flora: I have gophers & do not want to use harmful chemicals in my garden. Is there an organic rodenticide for gophers? Signed, A Little Squirrely
Dear Squirrely: AgriD3 is organic & repels those critters very well.

Dear Flora: I brought some asparagus from my farm in Connecticut. It is not doing very well. Can I grow asparagus in Sublette County? " Signed, Jamie Spears
Dear Jamie: Yes, there are several varieties that are suitable for our area. Order Jersey Green or Washington to plant in early spring. Plant over a v-shaped mound & spread the roots. Water regularly. You must have patience & not harvest for 2-3 years, but it is worth it.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2013 > Ask Flora - What Worked & What Didn't In My Garden

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