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Pinedale Online > News > April 2013 > Common Core – education savior or global indoctrination of students?
Common Core – education savior or global indoctrination of students?
Standardizing education nationally to prepare students for college and the workforce – (It’s in Sublette County, Wyoming too)
by Pinedale Online!
April 14, 2013

If ‘Common Core’ isn’t on your radar yet for how the new standards are being used to transform what your children learn in school, and realigning the entire American education system, here are links to articles for more information. Controversy is growing nationally over the subject with many articles available online giving the pros and cons. For those who want to do more in-depth research, below are some links to further information including educators speaking out both in support and against Common Core, arguments by some parents who disagree with the new curriculum and are boycotting tests and some pulling their children completely out of public schools, thoughts on how Common Core is designed to give future control of the federal government over education and the future American workforce, how Bill Gates of Microsoft fits into the Common Core picture and his funding influence, and more. (Much more information is available online doing a search engine search on the keyword terms "Common Core".)

Wyoming schools, including Sublette County School Districts #1 and #9, are using Common Core and restructuring their K-12 education curriculums into it.

Here is what Sublette County School District #1 (Pinedale, Cora, Daniel, Boulder, Bondurant students) says about Common Core on their website (under Curriculum): "There is a substantial curriuclum initiative engaged at Pinedale Schools. Every content area is impacted by this initiative. Prompted by the adoption of Common Core Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics, along with other content areas (Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Health, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Career Technical/Vocational), the work of aligning curriculum is underway. Curriculum work is organized by nine content areas and then subdivided by grade and department level teams. These teams are inputting instructional units into curriculum mapping software. During the process of input, teachers are aligning CORE curriculum, which includes the identification of specific content and skills for each standard and unit of instruction. This is the first phase of development. Next, teachers will identify vocabulary, unit objectives, and instructional strategies. Once curriculum is mapped, CORE curriculum will be displayed through this website. Parents will be able to see the scope and sequence of instruction their kids will engage." A few curriculum maps are available on the school website with the note that the work will be updated monthly as changes are finalized. (Source:

There will be a citizen public meeting in Pinedale at 6PM on Monday, April 29th in the Lovatt Room of the Pinedale Library to discuss Common Core Curriculum, as well as SF104 - the new law by the Wyoming legislature to unilaterally eliminate the elected position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction and replace it with a Director of the Department of Education appointed by the Wyoming Governor. (More info) (Update April 16, 2013: Editor’s clarification and correction: SF104 did not eliminate the elected position of Superintendent of Public Instruction. That elected position still exists. But it did effectively gut most of the authority, duties and responsibility of that elected office and moved those over to the newly created position of Director of the Department of Education, an appointed office. Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill, has sued to reclaim her powers. The Wyoming Supreme Court has agreed to hear her case.)

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  • Pinedale Online > News > April 2013 > Common Core – education savior or global indoctrination of students?

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