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Pinedale Online > News > July 2005 > Search begins for new County Attorney
Search begins for new County Attorney
Republican Party seeks candidates
by Sublette County Republican Central Committee
July 28, 2005

With the anticipated retirement of Sublette County's County Attorney, Van Graham, the Sublette County Republican Central Committee will be faced with the responsibility of choosing three candidates for County Attorney in the near future.

Michelle Pape, Chairman of the Sublette County Republican Party, explained how the process works. "In Wyoming, our Election Code states that when an elected official is not able to serve out the term of the elected office, the Precinct Committeemen and the Precinct Committeewomen of the political party which nominated the elected official, meet and choose three persons as possible replacements.

These names are then submitted to the County Commissioners, and the County Commissioners then meet and narrow the selection down to one person, who becomes the replacement", Pape said. She further stated that although the process is the same as what the Republicans recently went thru to pick three candidates for County Sheriff, this one is going to be harder.

"We just simply donít have very many local attorneys expressing an interest in this position. Their private practices donít allow these attorneys the time it would take to hold this position", Pape said.

Although Pape has had informal discussions with potential candidates, no candidates have submitted a written request for consideration at this point in time. "We are probably going to have to look outside of Sublette County to come up with at least three candidates for this position", Pape said.

Although some other states hold special elections to replace elected officials who resign, retire, or die in mid term, Wyoming does not hold special elections.

Pape has requested that those interested in becoming the new Sublette County Attorney submit resumes to her, or to at least call her as soon as possible and let their interest in becoming County Attorney be known. Resumes can be mailed to:

Michelle Pape, Chairman
Sublette County Republican Party
PO Box 144
Daniel, WY 83115
Phone: 307-859-8266

Pinedale Online > News > July 2005 > Search begins for new County Attorney

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