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Pinedale Online > News > December 2006 > 50 acres may be added to Grand Teton Park
50 acres may be added to Grand Teton Park
Senator Thomas bill adds parcel to eastern boundary of Grand Teton National Park
by Senator Thomas office
December 10, 2006

(Washington) U.S. Senator Craig Thomas announced on Friday, December 8, that his bill to add nearly 50 acres to Grand Teton National Park passed the Senate.

“The land is of significant value for both wildlife preservation and scenic beauty. It’s a truly unique part of the country for folks to enjoy. Part of my vision for our national parks is to seek improvements for visitors that make good fiscal sense. This donation is a prime example of the respect and love shown our parks by the Halpin family and so many other key supporters of Grand Teton. I’m so pleased to join them in this stewardship effort,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ bill, S. 2403, will add 49.62 acres to the eastern boundary of the Grand Teton National Park, near Lost Creek.

The largest single lot within the 50-acre area is currently owned by the Halpin family. The other lots are owned by foundations who obtained interests in the land from the Halpin family in anticipation that the land would eventually be donated to the National Park Service for inclusion in Grand Teton National Park.

“This is an enormous display of generosity on the part of area landowners. The acquisition helps ensure the continued preservation of this area of Wyoming,” Thomas said.

Owners of the lots within the identified area have agreed to donate their parcels to become National Park Service (NPS) land in perpetuity.

Thomas’ bill directs the Secretary of Interior to accept the donation. In 1950, Congress passed legislation requiring that no further extension or establishment of national parks could be undertaken except by express authorization of Congress. That law requires Congress to consider and pass legislation if the Secretary is to accept the donated land.

The bills have passed the Senate and await approval by the House. Sen. Mike Enzi co-sponsored S. 2403.

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Pinedale Online > News > December 2006 > 50 acres may be added to Grand Teton Park

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