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Sally Swift. Photo by The Swift Family.
Sally Swift
Photo courtesy the Swift Family.
Letters to the Editor
April 29, 2010

Thank You Sublette County

"The family of Sally Swift would like to thank the Sublette County community for your outpouring of kindness and support during this difficult time."

The family of Sally Swift

No tax dollars being used for BloomField

Given some of the recent comments in the newspaper from candidates for Town Council and at the recent Candidate Forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, I wanted to clarify one misconception about the BloomField: No tax dollars have been utilized to pay for design, infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, or stream and habitat restoration on the BloomField. Every penny spent to date on the development of the master plan has been investor capital expended toward meeting the requirements necessary to be accepted into the Town of Pinedale. If anyone has questions about the work completed, the planning and process, or the master plan for the BloomField, I am happy to both talk and listen.

Sincerely, Matt Harber

Health Care Corner

Iíve been in health care management my entire 17 year career. I have been in leadership positions in large teaching hospitals and have worked with physician groups from 1 doctor to 75. I have worked with 1000 bed hospitals in Indianapolis and country doctors in very rural areas in Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Utah and now Wyoming. Health care management is what I do. With a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration, I am also a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives and Board Certified by the Medical Group Management Association. Now having said that, I do not pretend to know everything, but I do know health care.

Last May, I was hired by the Health Care District Board to evaluate and improve the operations of the District. In my initial evaluation and as I have learned over time, the HCD provides a fantastic service to the community. I would put our physicians, EMTs and staff against anyone in the country. I have NOT found any misappropriation of funds or evidence to suggest the improper use of public funds. We are complying with the requirements of the law and will continue to do so.

It seems to me that all the recent complaints placed in the newspapers are based on some historical event that upset someone for some reason. If it was the untimely exit of a physician or the fact that you have to pay for your healthcare or some political relationship gone sour, it is impossible to please everybody. Itís too bad that these emotions are clouding some peopleís judgment and really have nothing to do with what we are all about. And that is taking care of people! That is ultimately what it all boils down to: The patient-physician relationship.

Iíve never been a fan of a "Monday Quarterback" or someone that looks back on a decision or action long after that decision or action has been taken and then proceeds to tell you what you should or shouldnít have done. The past HCD Board members and staff did a great job of getting us to the level of health care we have today. Their foresight and decisions have made it possible for you to not have to wait 2-5 hours to get in to see a provider or to get your CT scan results immediately so that you donít have to take an ambulance ride to Jackson. They made what they thought were the best decisions at the time with the information they had to work with. We should all be grateful to them. Hindsight is always 20/20. I do not want us to look back in two years when the HCD is broke and not able to support your health care needs because you were offended by someone three years ago. Our physicians and staff remain dedicated to the needs of the community and YOU.

Thanks for your support!
Robert C. Harding, MHA, FACHE, CMPE
CEO, Sublette County Rural Health Care District

Vote Yes for a Pinedale Lodging Tax

Dear Town of Pinedale Voters,

On May 4th at the Pinedale Town Hall, you have the opportunity to attract and maintain visitors to the Town of Pinedale by voting YES for a Pinedale Lodging Tax. If approved by the Pinedale voters, a Pinedale Lodging Tax would be used for the promotion of activities, events and recreational opportunities that increase overnight visitation.

As we have campaigned for a Pinedale Lodging Tax over the past few months, we have heard your questions concerning transparency and accountability surrounding a Lodging Tax Board. The Lodging Tax Board will be appointed by the Pinedale Town Council and Board Members must either be a resident of the town or actively engaged in a business within the town either as an owner or an employee. There will be six board members, with five having the ability to vote. The non-voting member will come from the Chamber of Commerce Board or its Director. The voting members will include a town council member, two lodging businesses, and two of the following: attraction representative, retail business, restaurant business, media, non-profit, and any other tourist-related business.

The Lodging Tax benefits Pinedale by funding the promotion of local events, as well as promotional initiatives, cooperative partnerships and regional promotional campaigns with support from the State of Wyoming Travel and Tourism Office. The Pinedale Lodging Tax Board and staff person, with oversight from the Town Council, will oversee all marketing plans in addition to reviewing grant proposals promoting events which bring visitors to Pinedale.

The Pinedale Travel and Tourism Alliance have stressed inclusion and openness since its inception last October. We will continue to stress these qualities while working with a New Pinedale Lodging Tax Board. We sincerely ask that you vote in favor of a Town of Pinedale Lodging Tax on Tuesday May 4th.

Lana Koppenhafer-Chair
Shane Thompson-Co-Chair
Sofia Wakefield-Secretary

Pinedale Online > News > April 2010 > Letters to the Editor

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