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Pinedale Online > News > December 2013 > Encana donates $5,000 to PFAC
Encana donates $5,000 to PFAC
Boosts art education and outreach to Sublette County residents
by PFAC & Encana joint media release
December 18, 2013

Thanks to a grant from Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., Sublette County residents will experience a yearlong arts program, including a performing arts series, a free summer park series, a community musical theatre production in partnership with the Pinedale Community Theatre, and arts education in Pinedale and Big Piney schools.

The Pinedale Fine Arts Council received $5,000 from Encana to provide quality, culturally diverse residencies that promote creativity and entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

"The Pinedale Fine Arts Council offers a brilliant insight of various arts to Sublette County students and community members that we hope will instill a lifelong, deep appreciation of different art forms, cultures and traditions," said Bridget Ford, Encana community relations advisor. "We are pleased to continue our support of educational and cultural enrichment throughout the county."

"Art education is fundamental to our programming and is one of the major objectives of our mission," said Kari DeWitt, PFAC executive director. "Encanaís grant will help us expand our artistís school outreach programs in Big Piney and La Barge."

Since PFACís projects support and enhance the school districtís art curriculum, teachers work with the non-profit organization to bring in artists they feel will benefit their students most. This not only supplements their curriculum, but also helps teachers meet state educational standards while exposing students to various arts in a classroom setting.

According to DeWitt, studies have shown that students who attend schools rich in arts are stronger in their ability to express their thoughts and ideas, exercise their imaginations and take risks in their learning.

"They are also more cooperative, have more confidence and show a stronger willingness to display their learning before their peers and parents," explained DeWitt. "I believe arts in education is necessary, and allows students to enhance their creative skills."

The PFAC also hopes to strengthen partnerships with other county organizations, such as the libraries, preschools and senior centers.

"Our events are open to everyone and help break down barriers within our communities," said DeWitt. "We are truly thankful for Encana; their continued partnership over the years allows us to ensure the arts will always have a place in Sublette County."

Pinedale Online > News > December 2013 > Encana donates $5,000 to PFAC

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