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Pinedale Online > News > March 2015 > Spring birds arriving
Spring birds arriving
Have you seen or heard sandhill cranes yet?
by Pinedale Online!
Original post March 19, 2015 | Updated March 20, 22, 23, 2015

We’ve heard the melodious trill of the meadowlarks, redwing blackbirds and lots of Canadian geese, signaling the return of the spring bird migrations. We’re waiting for anyone to report hearing or seeing sandhill cranes, bluebirds and robins. Please let us know at if you’re the first to see or hear them (in the Pinedale/Upper Green River Valley area).

Reader update reports:
Thursday, March 19th:

- I have had bluebirds for a week now out Pole Creek Road – chasing each other around the birdhouses. Also saw a robin two days ago. And two blue herons in a ditch out this way.
- I have seen bluebirds and robins… No Sandhills yet, Sandhills have been seen on a Ranch 12 miles or so SW of Piney.
- There was a robin in my yard over the weekend in Shelter Park.
- On our fence in our backyard (Barger) last Saturday morning was a robin; near Boulder we saw a pair of sandhill cranes! Spring is soooo close.
Friday, March 20:
- I spotted a bluebird Wednesday morning at the turnoff to the Orcutt Hill Subdivision. Made my day! Spring is coming!
Saturday, March 21:
- Saw robins today at our cabin and at Daniel schoolhouse!
- Heard a robin in Pinedale near the Town park.
Monday, March 23:
- (A ranch) South of Boulder had a pair of Sandhills yesterday. Saw a single out there Thursday.
- Bluebirds in the Kendall Valley this past weekend (even with 3 feet of snow still left on the ground)! I haven’t heard the cranes yet though.
- I drove to Jackson Hole on Friday and had a bluebird fly in front of me on the highway between Daniel and Forty Rod. Then on Sunday afternoon/eve I heard a sandhill, sounded as if it were coming from the field between S. Sublette and the highway where I see them every year.
- We also now have bluebirds in our yard! (in Barger)

Editor's note: Still waiting to hear that the sandhill cranes have made it up to Kendall Valley. Also, when someone sees the first hummingbird!

Pinedale Online > News > March 2015 > Spring birds arriving

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