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Pinedale Online > News > March 2021 > Disposing of moss balls

Moss Balls handout. Photo by Wyoming Game & Fish.
Moss Balls handout
Disposing of moss balls
May carry invasive zebra mussels
by Wyoming Game & Fish
March 29, 2021

Moss balls are a popular plant choice for aquariums and decorative displays. But they also can be carriers of zebra mussels, which if detected in Wyoming’s waters, could have catastrophic impacts to the water, the biodiversity of th area, recreation, municipalities and water users.

If you own a moss ball:
1. Remove any pets from the water and tank.
2. Remove the ball, other plants and any water from the aquarium and put them into a heat-safe pot.
3. Inspect the ball and tank for zebra mussels and if you find any contctc your local Game and Fish regional office.
4. Boil the balls, plants and any water it has been in contact with for at least five minutes.
5. Dispose of the ball and other plants in the trash.
6. Pour out the boiled water on a semi-permeable surface. That could be a houseplant or outside - like grass or soil – not located near standing water or a storm drain.

DO NOT dump the tank water in the toilet, down the sink, or in the sewer system.
DON’T release your aquarium critters or plants into the wild by dumping them in a river or lake.

Pinedale Online > News > March 2021 > Disposing of moss balls

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